10 Things You Need to Start Doing for Your Skin

I’m no skin expert, I have the occasional pimple. But here are some very simple beauty and skin tricks I swear by that are CHEAP and natural. Being someone who’s struggled a long time to find the right skincare routine, I could say I’ve picked up a bit of knowledge on the way. I can’t tell you how many crazy face masks and hair masks I’ve gone through, but now my motto is the simpler the better. And here are some of my tips for you:


in other words God’s elixir. I like to put it on my face after a shower or before bed (tbh it will make you a bit greasy) but leaves your skin soft like a baby’s bottom

2. Stop using microbeads and chemicals on your skin

Come on people, we all know how terrible microbeads are. And they don’t actually work. Let’s please move along and let them die.

3. Take your vitamins – especially fish oil

Great skin starts from the inside out

4. Feed your skin right – cut down on sugar, dairy and gluten

you don’t have to cut it out completely if you don’t want, but even a small reduction will help you out and reduce breakouts

5. Wear sunscreen!!! 

10 years in the future you will thank yourself!!! Especially pale kids like me.

6. Make face masks from things in your kitchen

You know how you shouldn’t be eating things with ingredients you can’t pronounce? That should be the same for what’s going on your face. It’s so simple to whip up a honey oatmeal and banana mask or some other crazy combinations that all work great. So get on Pinterest and stop spending money on crazy chemical filled masks.

7. Never Sleep with Makeup On

Obvious, right?

8. Eat fruits and vegetables!

Yellow foods make you beautiful, everyone knows that. Make that plate colorful.

9. Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera

both excellent and both cheap. Don’t spend all your money on fancy products when you have these amazing resources ready to go. I also love to use aloe vera on my hair and it leaves it soft and healthy.

10. Exfoliate

Especially in the winter! I like to use a woven hemp exfoliating washcloth and it is niiice.


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