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20 self care tips for times of great stress

Hey guys!

So tomorrow is my last day of high school ever. Hahaha I’m so happy. But this week has been full of panic, procrastination, and stress. I had to do all the work from this past trimester because I, of course, didn’t do it when I was supposed to. Typical. Also I haven’t failed on using my amazing talent for procrastination. I actually went and got my hair cut and highlighted yesterday, which took about 3 hours, when I was supposed to be making up work. A girl’s gotta treat herself.


Which brings me to the purpose of this post, how to reduce stress in difficult times, and/or times of great transition. Like from high school to world (YIKES).

But stress doesn’t really help you get anything done, it just makes you tense and panicky and unproductive. I know this from experience, because there have been a lot of times when I let stress and anxiety get the best of me and I just end up screaming at everyone and having horrible stomach pain. Also I grind my teeth when I’m stressed out, so when I feel that familiar jaw pain I know it’s time to slow down and take a moment.

So here’s 20 tried and true tips from me to you for reducing stress and taking care of yourself, because it’s extremely important. Whether you’re going through a difficult time or transition, or not. Self care is not just for when we’re stressed.

1. Do something creative

I’m so deadass about this!!! I did my whole senior expedition about the therapeutic benefits of making art. I researched, wrote an 8 page paper, and culminated with hosting an art making de-stressing workshop for my classmates. Not just art; play music, dance around, scribble, scream, do something expressive.

2. Meditate

I gotta tell you, meditation has saved my life more than a few times. Whenever I’m going through a difficult, stressful or sad time meditation is the perfect way to step outside of that and clear my mind. I recommend at least 10 minutes and I can guarantee that you will feel at least a little more refreshed and focused after. You can find guided meditations that are super helpful.

3. Get a massage

if you can afford it. If you can’t afford a professional, beg your friends and family to give you one.

4. Take a bath

like a warm, free massage. Throw some bubbles in, epsom salts for your sore muscles. Mmm, good shit.

5. Lie in a hammock

guaranteed relaxation

6. Make a smoothie

when your body feels good, you’ll feel good

7. Take a nap

8. Read a book

9. Go for a walk

if you happen to have a beach near you, go there

10. Exercise

this will clear your mind

11. Make a panic box

fill it with positivity, quotes and coping mechanisms that you know work for you. Mine got me through some difficult times, it’s the perfect way to motivate yourself to feel better when you pick up a piece of paper telling you what to do.

12. Spend time with friends and family

tell them you’re stressed. This will explain your bitchy behavior lately.

13. Get dressed up

it’s kind of magical how making yourself look nice makes you feel better. When you look great, you feel like you can do anything.

14. Clean your room

I don’t know if you relate to this, but having a clean room makes me 10x more productive. I can’t explain it.

15. Have sex

16. Drink some tea

17. Write down everything that’s stressing you out

18. Cuddle an animal

19. Cuddle a person

20. Give yourself a pep talk




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